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  1. Imagine cutting a fresh juicy yellow lemon in half and then taking a big mouth, watering bite out of one of the halves. When picturing this in your mind, does your mouth fill with saliva.

  2. You enjoy group activities and engaging with other outgoing people.

  3. When you see somebody yawn, you yawn.

  4. When it comes to decision-making you are spontaneous and ready to take action.

  5. You are easily influenced by others.

  6. You rely more on intuition than statistics.

  7. You are more imaginative than analytical.

  8. You would rather work on a project in a group rather than by yourself.

  9. You tend to lose yourself in movies books and shows.

  10. You are a leader more than a follower.

  11. Visual images trigger physical sensations. Example. You feel thirsty looking at a desert scene.

  12. Others would describe you as social and extroverted.



True/false questions: True = 1 point


1-6 points (left brain)  7-12 (right brain)


Even questions assess attitude (introverted or extroverted)

Odd questions assess suggestibility (high vs low)

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