Why constipation? Well, I know of many people that suffer from it and pooping is truly something we should never take for granted. There are many reasons we can be constipated, for me just recently it was Ibuprofen 800's. I had torn and flipped my meniscus and now have to have a full knee replacement but for a few weeks I could not go regularly so I do ask that you take this recording seriously. Feel your stomach muscles relax and just follow along with my voice. I reccomend listening to this meditation everyday until you are able to use the bathroom regularly. If you have not been able to go after a few days I recommend stool softener and going to see a doctor or at least go to your local walk-in.  

I ask all to please download the first audio recording. It is FREE and it is just an explanation of how to set the mood and how important it is to do so. This audio recording should be heard daily for a minimum of 21 days . This audio is 11 minutes and 29 seconds. I kept it a little shorter because I wanted it to be just long enough to make an impact but not be too long that the message gets lost. Please, do not listen while driving, using large machinery or during a time that you cannot truly give it your full and complete attention. For this to make an impact it is important that you LISTEN to it without any disruptions. I personally listen to my own self hypnosis recordings while I sleep and I have been very successful. Everyone is different but at times instead of listening to a hypnosis session I listen to meditation music.It really helps me sleep. Here is a link for the headband headphones I use. They are extremely comfortable. You do not feel the speakers agaisnt your ears. The prices range from $20 up to a couple hundred dollars. I purchased a $30 pair and love them. They last me about 3 evenings of sleep on one charge. https://www.amazon.com/AcousticSheep-SleepPhones-Headphones-Original-Comfortable/dp/B0046H8ZHS


Constipation...LET IT GO!

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