This is my introduction video which I ask that before you download any hypnosis videos you take a few minutes, (3:35 to be exact) It is free to listen to plus you will be able to hear my recorded voice. The most important thing to me is your ability to be relaxed and become hypnotized. If after you hear this recording and feel my voice does not work for you then I ask that you do not go forward and pay to download a hypnosis video. Your success is my success so listen carefully.

Here are a few tips once you download a hypnosis recording:

  • Make sure that you try to quiet down as many distractions as you can (Cellphone,  Alarms/Reminders, Pets, Children..etc. ) Again as in meditation, the world around you is going on so being in complete silence might be a little difficult. If there is a thought that pops into your mind or a noise interrupts simply accept it, realize there is nothing you can do in this moment and release the thought of it and address it at a later time. 
  • Let those around you that you will be busy for a little while so that you are left alone. 
  • Bathroom break before you go is usually a great idea. 
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Eat a meal and hour ot two before a session
  • Imagine the best outcome!  If you go in thinking it is silly or will not work it will most likely not.
  • Journal before your session as to what results you want and journal after as to what you feel you got out of this session. 
  • And any questions you my have before or after your session please ask! 


For Hypnosis to be successful


The Feeling of Hypnosis

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